• as Winrad
  • in contrast to WinRad it remembers the setting of the Si570 DLL
  • improved GUI
  • optimized presentation for high resolutions (e.g. Notebooks)
  • various command line parameters (operation on a second screen, presentation as a window)
  • OmniRig support

Can be expanded with station memory, station databases, band buttons using SDRNavigator.

Configuration instructions

Many thanks to DG6SW for these instructions!

1. Install HDSDR

he latest version can be downloaded here and installed. Note for Windows 7: Win7 is very rigourous with regard to user rights. It is not allowed to save the program's own settings in the C:\programs\.... directory. This causes HDSDR (and other programs) some problems. For this reason the software should be installed under a different path e.g. C:\HDSDR\.

2. Install the DLL

To enable HDSDR (or WinRad) to communicate with the FiFi SDR a DLL written by PE0FKO is necessary that can be downloaded here. Download the file ExtIO_Si570.dll and copy it into the HDSDR directory.

3. DLL configuration

Start HDSDR and under Options > Select Input choose Si570. An error message will appear that the FiFi SDR was not correctly recognized. Press "H" to call up the ExtIO_Si570 and on the USB tab enter as the manufacturer. There are no further entries necessary with the current version of the FiFi firmware. Note: on the Si570 tab under Device frequency enter: 0 -- 160 MHz. The zero is important so that the long-wave range can also be received. Close the configuration interface again by pressing "H".

4. HDSDR configuration

In the HDSDR, Select Soundcard menu and choose the onboard card of the FiFi SDR. Also set 96 kHz under "Select sample rate". You may have to restart HDSDR and then the fun can begin!

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