LabView SDR

Labview SDR is a concept study about building a SDR based on National Instruments' Labview.

The current program offers SSB and AM demodulation with RX version 1.2.1 and SSB modulation with the RX TX version 1.3.1. Also there is direct FIFI-SDR SI570 frequency control. It has been tested on Win XP and success has been reported on Win 7 64 Bit. The look and feel is very different compared to other programs. Just try it! It is easy.

All needed files are included on the homepage. What is missing is the Labview runtime environment. Either you need to have the Labview development system installed on your computer, or you have to download the Labview runtime engine from NI's homepage. Search for 'RTE Labview'. It is free of charge, but you need to register.

There is a detailed article in English language about the program available on the homepage and tons of stuff in German.

In case of questions, ideas and comments please contact dg5mk (at)

73 de DG5MK, Michael

Homepage of LabView SDR by DG5MK : (follow links depending on language)


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