Mac / OS-X

DSP Radio

DSP Radio by Sebastian (DL2SDR) also explicitly supports the FiFi SDR as from Version 1.2.1(1) from 27 September 2010 (many thanks!). Earlier versions of DSP Radio require firmware [171] (from 12 September 2010) on the FiFi SDR to be able to set the frequency. It is recommended to change to Version 1.2.1(1) or higher as there can be frequency problems when using earlier versions where FiFi SDR applies an integrated divider larger than 4.

Windows software under Parallels

A further option (above all for Intel-based Macs) is to run Windows software (e.g. WinRadHD) under Parallels. (There is currently a 14-day test version of Parallels available. To use this it is only necessary to register with your email address and obtain a download and operation key. A suitable temporary email address can be obtained without registration, e.g. at A new key will be required after expiry of the test period; the installation itself can remain.

DRM reception

Sebastian (DL2SDR) has made a ported version of the open source SDR decoder DReaM for OS-X available on his website website.

DReam evaluates the audio signal of the selected input. The frequency setting that puts the DRM signal into the upper part of the spectrum (above the LO frequency) must first be carried out by another program. As some options of DReaM can only be changed from the command line (Terminal), it is recommended to write a suitable script with the required settings (audio device, input format etc.). The correct input format is 3 (I/Q positive) ("-c 3" or "--inchansel 3").

Simultaneous operation for example of DSP Radio (for frequency adjustment) and DReaM (for DRM decoding) is also possible under OS-X.


As well as the parameters handled by Softrock, the FiFi SDR also has other settings, in particular for the preselector. The simple command line tool rockprog was created to enable the programming of these values.

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