PowerSDR is a Windows receiver software that was originally developed by Flex-Radio Systems. This has spawned the PowerSDR-SR40 version that supports SoftRock 40 compatible hardware.

Feature overview

  • Platform: Windows
  • AM, SSB, DRM, et al
  • Filter
  • many displays (waterfalls etc.)

Configuration notes

1. Download and installation of the driver

First of all the driver for the FiFi SDR must be installed. Notes on this can be found here in the Wiki on the installation Installation page

2. Download and installation of PowerSDR-SR40

The current version of PowerSDR-SR40 can be downloaded here: Simply follow the instructions on the installation assistant. There is also an installation handbook in English.

3. Start and configuration

A configuration assistant appears the first time PowerSDR-SR40 is started. If this is the first time PowerSDR has been installed, the question about importing a database can be reliably answered with "No":

Error: Macro Image(powersdr-01.png) failed
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It is however important to select the correct radio type. As shown here, this must be "Soft Rock 40":

Screenshot 2

After this, the type of sound card used must be chosen. If one of the listed models is being used then this should be selected - otherwise choose "Unsupported Card":

Screenshot  3

If "Unsupported Card" is selected the following warning appears:

Screenshot  4

It draws attention to the fact that a poor sound card can negatively affect the sound. As long as your sound card is not too bad you can simply ignore this advice.

After the assistant is finished the fun can start. However, it is advisable to check a few settings beforehand. They can be found in the menu under "Setup". Under General / Hardware Config there should be "Si570 VFO on USB" as well as "I2C Address: 55":

Screenshot 5

In addition one should check which sound card PowerSDR is using as the input. The corresponding setting is found on the Audio / Sound Card tab. If you want to use the onboard sound card of the SDR, the input must be set for "USB audio device", otherwise the chosen PC sound card. It is worthwhile trying out other drivers: some tend to produce erratic reception or have other problems.

4. Reception

Now we can start! The configuration dialog can be ended with "OK". Receive mode is activated by clicking on "Standby". There is also a handbook on using PowerSDR in English.

Known problems

  • If there are problems with the sound card when using PowerSDR the audio driver is frequently the culprit. You can experiment with various settings here - different settings can improve matters, depending on the type of hardware and the Windows version. The only way is to try them out.
  • PowerSDR doesn't work under Windows Vista / Windows 7 in most cases and produces cryptic error messages - even running in compatibility mode doesn't help. In this case the only answer is to use a different program (e.g. WinRad HD).
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