Bonito RadioJet

RadioJet is the graphical user interface of Bonito's Shortwave IF-Receiver RadioJet 1102S. There is also a DLL file for use of our FiFi-SDR with RadioJet available.

Now Bonito provides an OpenSource version called RJ10FiFi especially for use with our FiFi-SDR. The key benefit is that it runs without any special adjustments and does not need ExtIO_Si570.dll. Even DRM is possible without an external tool.

Download page of RadioJet. Direct link to RJ10FiFi: .

How to remove a 12 kHz Offset

The current version of RadioJet (as of January 2013) inserts a 12 kHz Offset. There a two ways to remove this Offset:

  1. Click on the Button ExtIQ (on the lower left of the window) and enter -600 where it says Xtal. Correcture (see the following screenshot). The only problem of this fix is, that the additional "panorama" window will still have an 12 kHz offset.

12 kHz Korrektureinstellungen RadioJet RJ10FiFi

  1. Use the firmware of the SDR to compensate the offset. Download our configuration software rockprog, run the Easy operation mode (only for windows) and choose "Add 12 kHz Offset (e.g. for Bonito RJ10, dream)".

Some screenshots by Günter, DK5DN

RadioJet RJ10FiFi with AM

RadioJet RJ10FiFi with DRM

RadioJet RJ10FiFi with SSB on 40 meters

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