Ticket System

The FiFi-SDR developer's team uses a ticket system for both development discussions and user service helpdesk.

If you have problems or questions, please have a look at the menu item View Tickets first. There is also a report available here about the issues already discussed. If you don’t find any suitable solution, start a New Ticket. The developers will receive an email and hopefully reply soon ;-).


For contacting us, we kindly ask to use the ticket system only. We aim to react as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we are all in employment and that we are working on a non-profit basis. Please refrain from sending emails or phone calls.

In case of defective hardware, our developers attempt to repair for free. We hope you will understand that for expensive repairs, an official complaint must be sent to the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have bad reception. Sensitivity seems not to be OK.

  • Most common cause: Insufficient soldering at the BNC connector or the pin row to the preselector (especially GND pins)
  • Preamp defective (check operating points)
  • Protection diode defective (try without)
  • other soldering or component troubles (create new ticket)

My spectrum shows a lot of noise peaks with 1 kHz distance

  • This noise is caused by the USB bus. This Frequency is generated in the computer, not in the SDR. Try to use a high quality USB cable.

I am unable to install software, or it doesn’t find my FiFi-SDR

My FiFi-SDR has a frequency offset

  • Offset is increasing with the LO frequency: Your si570 oscillator is not calibrated. Self-calibration is possible.
  • Constant 12 kHz offset: This occurs depending on your SDR software. HDSDR for example should always be correct. For other tools, an individual offset can be adjusted.
  • In both cases, see Frequency calibration for assistance.
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