Winrad is a Windows receiver software that, through its support for SoftRock, can also be used with the FiFi SDR. The project home page is

Overview of features

  • Platform: Windows
  • AM (envelope demodulation)
  • AM (synchronous demodulation with one or both sidebands)
  • SSB
  • FM
  • DRM in conjunction with Dream
  • Filter (with graphically adjustable cut-off frequency)
  • Waterfall diagram
  • Noise suppression

Expandable with station memory, station database, band buttons using SDRNavigator.

Configuration notes

1. Download and installation of the driver

First the driver for the FiFi SDR must be installed. Instructions for this are on the Installing page .

2. Download and installation of Winrad

The current version of Winrad can be downloaded here: Simply follow the instructions of the installation assistant to install successfully.

3. Installation of the Si570 DLL

An additional DLL is required to use Winrad with the FiFi SDR. This orignated from the homepage of PE0FKO and can be downloaded here: It must be copied into the Winrad directory (standard: C:\programs\winrad). There are further usage notes for the DLL on the PE0FKO page.

4. Start and configuration

After starting Winrad, the Si570 DLL must first be selected. This is found under "Show options > Select input > Si570":

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Note: this selection must be made each time you start Winrad! Otehrwise the frequency adjustment in the program has no effect.

As soon as the SoftRock SDR has been selceted as the input in WinRad an error message will complain about the apparently not connected SDR.

Fehlermeldung nach der Auswahl

This is because the partially different values must be entered for the FiFi SDR in the configuration interface.

USB tab
Product: <leer>
Note: for firmware issues before [215], "O28" must be entered as the manufacturer.

Si570 tab
I²C addr: 55 (irrelevant since Firmware [157] as this has been obviated by automatic recognition in the FiFi SDR)
Device freq: 0

After altering these values, and if the driver has been installed correctly, there should be no more rror messages when the FiFI SDR is connected by USB. Now either the PC sound card or the onboard sound card of the FiFi SDR must be selected under "Select soundcard". A sample rate of either 48 or 96 kHz can also be selected under "Select sample rate". If the sound card provides it, 96 kHz should normally be selected.

5. Receive

Now you can start! The configuration interface can be hidden using "Hide". Click on "Start" to make your first reception attempts with the FiFi SDR. For further operating instructions of Winrad please go to the hompage at

Known problems

Winrad doesn't work in most cases under Windows Vista / Windows 7. A solution can be found with the successorWinRadHD (now known as HDSDR here).

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